Tinkerboard Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure (Anodized Black)

Tinkerboard Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure (Anodized Black)


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The ASUS Tinkerboard  and the newer Tinkerboard “S” are both extremely nice single board computers with a ton of power.  With speed comes heat, and without the proper cooling you’ll get CPU throttling, which can be annoying when you’re watching a video or doing some compute intensive workload.  There are two ways to handle the heat.  One way is to use noisy, bulky fans.  The other way is to dissipate that heat into a large metal object (AKA. Heatsink) which can use silent, natural convection to keep the CPU cool.

Building on the elegant and extremely efficient design of our Odroid-C2 and RaspberryPi 3B+ cases, we have developed a new enclosure for the Tinkerboard and Tinkerboard “S” that will not only keep your CPU from overheating, it will look good doing it!

Each aluminum case is individually milled, then tumbled in a vibrator to remove burs and soften edges very slightly.  After the case meets our high standard of tolerance for a perfect fit, we add a slight brushed finish and then anodize them black, which not only improves the cooling properties but also insulates the surface from being conductive.

We are 100% sure you will love this case, not only for its looks, but for its performance!

** Each case includes 4 case screws, premium thermal paste and rubber feet.