Raspberry Pi 3B+ Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure (Anodized Black)

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure (Anodized Black)


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Modeled closely after our Odroid-C2 case, the Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure for the RaspberryPi 3B+ (Model 3B+ Only) is the best solution available for not only keeping your device cool under any load, but also looking good while performing.

Why an aluminum enclosure?  Because using aluminum that comes in direct contact with the processor provides an excellent heatsink, and as it’s anodized black there is added benefits to the cooling performance.  You won’t find a better working passive cooling solution that also looks as amazing as this.

** Each case includes 4 case screws, premium thermal paste and rubber feet.

*** Please note that this case is only designed for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and will not work with the Raspberry Pi 3B because the CPU is in a different location and has a different vertical height.