Odroid-C2 Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure (Black Anodized) **Updated Model**

Odroid-C2 Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure (Black Anodized) **Updated Model**


Odroid-C2 Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure (Black Finish)

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There are a lot of single board computers available, but for the price, the Odroid-C2 is one of the best.  Not only is the Odroid-C2 decked out with ports, speed and memory, it’s also quite affordable.  When you compare the specs to the currently most popular single board computer, the Raspberry Pi 3, you know you have something superior and special in the Odroid-C2.  For this reason, we decided to make the Odroid-C2 host to our first publicly released aluminum enclosure.

Why an aluminum enclosure?  First of all, it’s cool… do I need to go on?  Seriously though, because the Odroid-C2 is a high performance small form factor system, it creates a fair bit of heat when under load.  In fact, the stock unit even includes a heat sink, which is rare among the current crop of single board computers.  Although not strictly necessary, sustained CPU load will definitely create enough heat to cause the CPU to throttle back after just a few minutes.  The stock heat sink does a pretty good job of alleviating unnecessary throttling, but eventually it will succumb to the power demand.  For this reason we saw it fitting to create a case that can cope with these sustained CPU loads without falling back to throttling in almost all situations.  In fact, we tested this unit with a cpu-burn running all the cores at 100% for forty minutes and never exceeded 77 degrees Celsius (170.6 Fahrenheit) in a room at 75 Fahrenheit ambient temperature.  Although this makes the case fairly uncomfortable to handle, it’s quite a ways from the 95 Celsius at which the CPU starts to throttle back speed.  If you are serious about performance, durability and looks, this is the case for you.

** Each unit includes case screws, thermal paste and rubber feet.